Interservice Support Agreements (DD Form 1144)

Please be advised that DTIC will not process any funding and the contract cannot be awarded until the DD 1144 is complete.

Interservice support agreements are required when a DoD agency (such as DTIC) provides support and/or accepts funds from other agencies within the Department of Defense.  According to the DoD Financial Management Regulations (FMR), the only two forms required for interservice transactions are the DD Form 1144 and a military interdepartmental purchase request (MIPR).  There should be one interservice support agreement on file per IAC delivery order (i.e. if an agency is funding two separate delivery orders, there should be two 1144s on file, one for each delivery order).  The DD Form 1144 must contain the following information:

The IAC name and contract number example: DSTAT HC1047-05-D-4000
The TAT and delivery order number example:   DT-15-0103/DO# 0171
The total funds required for the entire delivery order (DO)
A statement acknowledging and agreeing to the DTIC customer shared direct cost rate

Click here to view the DD Form 1144 template

The DD 1144 is used to document the determinations required by the Economy Act and to provide DTIC the documentation necessary to request reimbursable authority from the DoD Comptroller.  It is a written estimate of the work to be accomplished and the provisions for paying for the work.  It is not a funded order, and therefore does not obligate funds of the requesting agency; it only provides the basis for the requiring activity to issue funded orders for the TAT (via MIPRs).  Therefore, the amount listed on the DD 1144 must be equal to technical area task (TAT) or core analysis task (CAT) ceiling including customer shared direct cost for the entire period of performance of the TAT or CAT. 

For example, TAT is for a 3 year period of performance and the estimated cost is $1,000,000.00 then the DD 1144 must reflect a 3 year period of performance for $1,000,000.00 plus the customer shared direct cost at the current percentage rate.  DTIC cannot accept a DD 1144 for a partial amount or partial period of performance for a TAT, (e.g. a 2 year period of performance for a total of $500,000).   If the requiring activity (RA) is only willing to complete a DD 1144 for a partial amount or partial period of performance, then the PWS for the TAT will need to be revised/ reduced accordingly so that the period and value of the TAT match that indicated on the DD 1144.

DTIC signs the DD 1144 to certify that the work will be performed under the IAC contract.  Once the DD 1144 has been signed by both agencies, the requiring activity can issue funds in the form of a MIPR.  The MIPR is the obligating document issued by the requiring activity.  The amount on the MIPR is what will be obligated and placed on the contract, once awarded; this amount may reflect only a portion of the total ceiling identified on the DD 1144.

The DD 1144 satisfies DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR) Volume 11A section 010204; which states “Orders must be supported by documented evidence of a formal offer and acceptance between the grantor and grantee of the order.”  Requiring activities within DoD using IAC contracts must complete and sign the DD Form 1144.  By signing the DD 1144 the RA is satisfying the requirements of the Economy Act statute by certifying: