DFAS MyInvoice

For both reimbursable and direct cite MIPRs, customers can get visibility into DFAS’ disbursements of obligated funding by registering and creating a view-only account on the DFAS MyInvoice website. Customers should register under a “Government Registration” account. To register, you will need the phone number and email address of a government supervisor who will then receive an email and will need to approve your registration request.

After you have registered, you may look up the amounts of DFAS invoice payments (disbursements) made against a particular IAC contract and delivery order. On the initial “Choose my Report” screen, which appears after you log in, select the report called “Contract Number (no CAGE/DUNS)” and “Submit.” Enter the contract number without any dashes (e.g. FA150010D0099) and then enter the delivery/task order number your MIPR funds were obligated against (e.g. 123). Note the reporting tool will not show funds disbursements by MIPR number, but does show each individual invoice payment (disbursement) under a given delivery order and can be tailored to a specific date range.