Energy Other Transaction Authority

The energy Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement is between the government (IAC Program Office) and the consortium, National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL).  This agreement advances and expands the development of new technologies and accelerates the research and development (R&D) cycle of prototype generation for energy R&D efforts related to weapons systems.  This OTA, which functions under 10 USC 2371, Section 845, provides flexibility from traditional FAR requirements to ease access to innovative technologies, enabling prototype funding to happen within weeks rather than months or years.  Non-traditional companies and start-ups can also engage with DoD in a much more efficient and collaborative manner.  Some of the advantages of the OTA are:

    • Flexibility to use "best practices"
    • Competition only to maximum extent practicable (CICA not applicable)
    • Negotiable/flexible
      • Flexible payment provisions (payable milestones)
      • Intellectual property negotiable
    • Cost flexibility
      • No mandatory cost accounting standards/reporting
      • No certified cost and pricing data
      • Commercial standards
      • Relief from DCAA
    • Management structure
      • Prime/sub relationship not required (use "teaming" instead)
      • Subcontracting (no mandatory clause flow down

How to Get Started

To begin work on an OTA effort, please contact the OTA AOR, Vianca Coleman, Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR) - IAC PMO- (703) 767-9108 or Roger Garay (703) 767-9373. Use these 1144 template and MIPR template for all OTA efforts.

Peter W. Gerhard, Contract Specialist, Army Contracting Command - New Jersey (973) 724-1469