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Homeland Defense and Security (HD)

Contract Characteristics

Scope Areas Include:
Homeland Security and Defense, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Alternative Energy, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Medical, Cultural Studies, CBRN Defense, and Biometrics. A sampling of available services within the HD scope is listed under Available Services.

All customers who wish to use IAC Multiple Award Contracts must submit a requirements package. The IAC Program Office has a dedicated Customer Support Cell (CSC) to help the Requiring Activity (RA) through the entire process of requirements package development and submission.

Please contact the CSC via email at assist you in putting together your requirements package.

Contract Type:
IDIQ Multiple Award Contract for Research and Development (R&D) and /or Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS) related to R&D efforts.
Date Awarded:
1 May 14
Customer Access:
DoD components,
other Government agencies, industry and academia.
Minimum DO Amount:
5 Years, 1 Year Base with 4 one-year option periods.

Battelle Memorial Institute
Booz Allen Hamilton
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
Leidos Inc.
MacAulay-Brown Inc.
MRI Global
National Security Information Associates
Scitor Corporation
Strategic Analysis Inc.
Federal Services Inc.
Wyle Laboratories Inc.

Economy Act:

All Outside Agencies Certify
Customer Shared Direct Cost Rate:
Please see our Financial Management Page
Financial Acceptance Office:
Contractor Evaluation:
Requiring Activity

Points of Contact:

Brian Stricker - Contracting Officer

Melinda Rozga - COR

FY End Ordering Cut-off:
TBD - Varies based on details of each requirement; contact HD COR for further information.

Ordering Process:

1. Customers submit a Requirements Package to the DTIC IAC PMO in accordance with the Task Order Guidelines.
2. The IAC PMO and Contracting Office will review the requirements package to ensure compliance, completeness and applicability to the IAC Program goals.
3. The Contracting Office solicits proposals from HD MAC prime contractors through a RFP.
4. The Contracting Office awards the Task Order to the winning HD TAT contractor.

 Available Services:
  • Homeland Security and Defense
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Alternative Energy
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Medical
  • Cultural Studies
  • CBRN Defense
  • Biometrics

Click here to see the full HD Performance Work Statement

How Long does it take to make an award?

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