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IAC Program Management Office

The IAC Program Management Office (PMO) is the information hub of the IACs, providing a central point of contact for general questions about the IAC program. For information regarding technical expertise about specific topics, please contact the IAC covering that particular area.

The IAC Program Management Office:

  • Provides IAC users with a central point of contact for the overall IAC Program
  • Assists IACs and users in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information
  • Supports the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) by providing broad IAC Program oversight, identifying and resolving policy issues, and developing mechanisms and programs to bring IAC products and services to DoD components
  • Provides contract management and specific administrative guidance for 10 IACs whose basic operations are funded by DTIC.
  • Serves as the focal point for organizations requiring IAC services
  • Monitors the IACs' operations, ensuring that their activities conform to the purposes and objectives of the DoD IAC Program in general
  • Provides continuous support to DoD and related U.S.-Government technical communities

The IAC PMO serves as an integral part of IAC activities by:

  • Managing IAC Contracts
  • Overseeing IAC Operations
  • Promoting IAC Products and Services
  • Providing Administrative Guidance
  • Requesting Procurements
  • Reviewing Technical Area Tasks (TATs)

For details on how to contact the IAC program office, please visit contact us.