Industry Check Process

DTIC can accept checks from industry; however, industry must contact DTIC first, prior to sending a check. The process for accepting checks is outlined below:

    • Industry (commercial agency) must send an email to the IAC point of contact containing the following information:

      • The total amount of the check
      • The amount of the TAT portion
      • The amount of the CSDC portion
      • The commercial agency's full address

    • DTIC will use the information above to create a standard form (SF) 1080

    • DTIC will complete the SF 1080 and send it back to industry

    • Industry must attach the check to the SF 1080 and mail overnight to DFAS. Checks must be made payable to DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Services). The address for DFAS is listed on the SF 1080 in the remittance block. DTIC recommends that the check is mailed overnight

    • Once the check has been mailed, industry must inform DTIC via a confirmation email, attention Antinett Hamilton, at

    • Once the conformation email has been received, DTIC will send a notification email to DFAS letting them know the check has been mailed

    • DFAS will notify DTIC and industry when the check has been received

    • DFAS will send the check to the treasury for deposit. The check must clear through the treasury before funds are awarded on contract