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The Information Analysis Centers (IACs) are research and analysis organizations established by the Department of Defense (DoD) and operated by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), to help researchers, engineers, scientists and program managers utilize existing Scientific and Technical Information (STI) to solve their most difficult challenges.  IACs establish and maintain comprehensive knowledge bases that include historical, technical, scientific, and other data and information collected worldwide.   IACs also work directly with customers on Technical Area Tasks (TATs), which yield new STI; this is added to one of the ten IACs, based on its technical focus. It’s this special symbiotic relationship between both customers and the science and technology community that makes the IACs unique.  Customers who use the IAC program are able to save federal dollars by not duplicating work that’s already been performed and also strengthen the scientific community by adding new pieces of STI for others to use.  There are currently ten DoD IACs and one Multiple Award contract.

Please see our IAC Overview page for a detailed breakdown on IAC Basic Center Operations and IAC Technical Area TATs.


Multiple Award Contract:

What We Do

Customers who work with the IACs can choose across a broad spectrum of products and services.  The chart below provides a list of services currently offered by the IACs. Service levels range from basic Q&A to in-depth technical activities known as Technical Area Tasks (TATs).

Level of Service

Description of Service


Answers and research for request submitted via e-mail or telephone (less than 4 technical hours; no charge)


Searches, analyses, and determination of analytical techniques (4-24 technical hours)

Search & Summary

Reports of literature specific to the inquiry, with copies of the most pertinent documents (24-40 technical hours)

Review & Analysis

In-depth analysis and synthesis of relevant literature, along with laboratory research (40-80 technical hours)

Technical Area Tasks (TATs)

An analytical and technical foundation for studies, analysis, and other scientific and technical information (STI) activities (more than 80 technical hours)

How to Get Started

To order from SNIM, please click here

If you have a mission for DoD, you have a partner in the IACs. Simply contact the IAC that focuses on your area of interest – we’ll start on your first question today. The first four hours are free, every time. For more in-depth requirements, customers may seek IAC support by funding a Technical Area Task (TAT).

1. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW)

Through the One Pass Process, the IAC can work closely with the customer on technical matters.  IACs, as a pre-competed contract, may assist customers in defining the requirement and documenting it in the form of a SOW.  However, IACs may not work preliminary agreements on price-related elements; customers should prepare independent cost estimates associated with their requirements.  Once the IAC and customer have agreed on the SOW, it is reviewed by the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), the IAC Program Management Office, and the Contracting Officer to ensure it meets the scope and constraints of the IAC contract.

2. IAC Prepares Task Technical and Cost Proposal

If you are ordering from the Legacy IDIQ Contracts (AMMTIAC, CBRNIAC, CPIAC, RIAC, SENSIAC, SURVIAC, or WSTIAC) the IAC prepares the SOW and the technical and cost proposal, which is subject to approval by the customer and the contracting officer.

If you are ordering from the SNIM IDIQ contract, you must submit your requirements package, please use the Requirements Management System (RMS)

3. IACs Can Get to Work in 3-4 Weeks

IACs are usually able to commence work on a modified contract in as few as three to four weeks, assuming that funds to pay for the work are transferred promptly via Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) or other similar financial document. To learn more about our MIPR process, please visit our Financial Management page.

Although basic research is free, you will need to register with the DTIC, you can register online at

For general details about the IAC program, please contact the IAC Program Management Office.