R&E Gateway

The R&E Gateway suite of tools provide the big picture of DoD-funded research activity to deliver the next generation of technologies to protect our Warfighters and maintain U.S. technical superiority.

The R&E Gateway empowers the Defense enterprise to discover, analyze, share, coordinate and collaborate on planned, in progress and completed DoD-funded research. Through the R&E Gateway the DoD community can securely access reports, share research, solve challenges, and analyze research activity with a single CAC enabled login.

    • Search more than 4 million research reports
    • Analyze the state of technology today
    • Connect, communicate and collaborate across the globe

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R&E Gateway Tools

DTIC SEARCH combines traditional resources with dynamic user content. Discover DoD-funded technology research, and people, available from DoD research project summaries, documents (technical reports and IAC documents), budget information and collaboration tools. Export options include HTML, PDF, BiBTex, Excel (EndNote and RefWorks compatible) and enable saving and scheduling searches to alert you. Save time and money by finding current or past research data, discussions, and people with needed expertise, related to your project at

RESEARCH PROJECTS enables DoD users to access S&T project information, collected through the Unified Research and Engineering Database (URED) Data Call, and refine by technology readiness level, funding, defense technology area or community of interest. Dashboards provide an overview of all documents submitted by projects, funding or technology readiness level at

DODTECHSPACE is a professional business networking tool with interactive capabilities. Use this virtual collaborative environment to engage in dialogue, create content, coordinate projects and connect with colleagues. See the latest content and group activities and stay abreast of emerging trends at

DODTECHIPEDIA, DoD’s S&T (Science & Technology) wiki supports innovative solutions.
Find the latest research updates or contribute and share your information. Share organization information, state of technology reports, and capability needs at Follow the links in the site to Defense Communities for Defense only spaces and content.

DTIC provides multiple budget tools. The DoD Congressional Budget Data ( publishes congressional budget data in PDF format shortly after its release on a public website. There is also an access-controlled site for DoD users to query the data by program element, title or increases and decreases. DoD Investment Budget Search (R-2s and P-40s) ( provides a search of DoD research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) and procurement investment budget justifications from the President's Budget Submission.

Begin your international S&T engagement efforts by searching and analyzing current international agreements from more than 52 countries,