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What is SNIM?

Software, Networks, Information, Modeling and Simulation Technical Area Tasks (TATs), or SNIM, is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Contract for Research & Development (R&D) and/or Advisory & Assistance Services related to R&D efforts. It includes the following focus areas of interest: Information Assurance, Software Data & Analysis, Knowledge Management & Information Sharing and Modeling and Simulation. DoD information Analysis Centers (IACs) that previously operated in the SNIM technical domain areas were DACS, IATAC, and MSIAC. To learn more about the SNIM Contract Characteristics including available contractors, available services, contract ceilings, customer shared direct costs, etc., please visit the SNIM Contract Characteristics page. Below is a flowchart of the Task Order Award process.

The Software Data and Analysis, Information Assurance, Knowledge Management & Information Sharing, and Modeling & Simulation (SNIM) contract was the first multiple-award IDIQ contract for the IAC Program Office.  The SNIM contract was awarded 24 May 2010, consists of 9 industry leading contractors, and has a $2 billion ceiling.  SNIM also offers the flexibility to utilize:

  • CPFF or FFP type task orders
  • LPTA or Trade-Off method for source selection
  • Incremental Funding
SNIM was awarded in conjunction with and oversight of the Air Force PEO/CM. SNIM was also the first AF contract over $1 billion to go though the DPAP approval and peer review process.   

SNIM is quick and easy-to-use: tools, templates, and a dedicated Customer Support Cell (CSC) assist Requiring Activities (RA) through the entire process of obtaining support from an IAC. Click here to view chart below in pdf format.

What are Technical Area Tasks (TATs)?

SNIM TATs complement the work previously done by DACS, IATAC, and MSIAC, which has been consolidated under the Cyber Security and Information Systems IAC (CSIAC). TATs are separately funded work efforts over and above basic IAC products and services. SNIM TATs complement the work previously done by DACS, IATAC, and MSIAC. They provide valuable analysis and R&D solutions to tough Information Assurance, Software Data & Analysis, Knowledge Management and Modeling and Simulation problems.

TATs create new Scientific and Technical Information (STI), which is added to the appropriate IAC repository (CSIAC) making it readily available to the scientific community. This allows the STI to be researched and reused by others in the community, thus saving federal resources.

TATs are very flexible and can vary from a fraction of a staff year to several staff years. Costs may vary from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. TATs may be ordered by DoD components, other Government agencies, industry and academia.


Getting Started with SNIM?

All customers who wish to use SNIM must submit a requirements package. An Ordering Guide for preparing your requirements package and filling out applicable templates can be found below. Each requirements package will consist of the following documents:

Important Note:

Per the IAC Requirements Ordering Guide, incomplete requirements packages cannot be processed for Task Order award. Please ensure your requirements package is complete and contains all the documents listed in the IAC Requirements Package Checklist.

Submitting Your Requirements Package:

When you're ready to submit your requirements package, please use the Requirements Management System (RMS)

The Requirements Management System (RMS) is a new web-based program used to streamline the requirements management process. RMS allows customers to submit their requirements directly to the Information Analysis Centers (IAC) Program Management Office (PMO) via the Web. Users can access RMS from any web browser or operating system. 

Highlighted Responses From Past Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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