Changes to the Task Utilization Agreement Process

Effective immediately, the IAC PMO will no longer utilize task utilization agreements (TUA) between the original requiring activity (RA), the agency desiring to fund work on the task order and the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).

Instead of using TUAs to document the use of a task order's ceiling by another agency and to validate that the original RA knows of this use and approves it, we are instituting a new process that is less paperwork intensive.

Effective immediately, DTIC will only accept MIPRs for a TAT or CAT from the RA, RA ACOR, or any of the additional funders listed on the signed 1144 or the PWS modified to the contract.  DTIC does not require that the funds originate from a specific budget however, the funds be sent to DTIC by one of these parties.  DTIC will not accept MIPRs from any other party or organization except those listed in the sentence above.

If another government agency wants to use the original RA's task order to have work (identical in scope) performed, that agency must send their funding MIPR to the original RA, who will in turn send it to to be put on contract. Only MIPRs coming from the RA sponsor (or RA ACOR) will be accepted.  MIPRs that are sent from agencies other than the original RA's will be rejected.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean that the MIPR funds must come from the original RA's budget.  The MIPR may be generated by other agencies seeking to use the task order and the funds come from their budget.  The original RA is simply the agency that transmits the MIPR to DTIC via email..

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us.